Download GMax Studios apps for iPhone and Android

Now you can download GMax Studios apps for iPhone and Android.

While you have been looking to learn photography, we have been looking at ways to be in touch with all the wonderful photographers who are a part of our community and engaging with them while giving them easy access to our content.

So, we decided to launch apps for GMax Studios – both for the iPhone and Android operating systems.

With these apps, we hope that we can stay closely in touch as the apps will have the forum features, you will get  notifications about important events like live chats, photo walks and workshops etc. The apps will also have content and articles exclusively available on the app.  


This app is for all Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Nexus etc. If you have a smartphone running Android OS you can download the app from the following link:

download link:





This of course is the app for the Iphone. You can click the link given below or click on the the screen shot.

Download link:


Download GMax Studios apps-iphone

We would really love it if you share this with all your friends and and family who are interested in photography.

Gorky M
Gorky M is a Director, Photographer and Creative Consultant. He is also the founder of GMax Studios
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