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A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.


  1. The contest is open worldwide.
  2. Participants must be at least 13 years of age to participate.


  1. By participating in this contest, you give GMax Studios the right to publish your image in whatever form, material, media or platform that it chooses to for all purposes that it deems fit but not limited to publicity, promotion of GMax Studios and its associated brands. These rights are in perpetuity and worldwide. These rights however, do not extend to licensing/selling the image or it's rights to to a third party.
  2. The copyright of the image stays with the photographer.
  3. If you already follow GMax Studios on Instagram or have subscribed to the channel – there is no need to unfollow/follow again or unsubscribe/subscribe again.
  4. The winner will be decided by a panel of judges chosen by GMax Studios.
  5. The prize is based in Mumbai, India and if the winner is from India – the prize will be couriered without any additional cost.
  6. If the winner is based out of India – then he/she will have to make arrangements for the prize to be shipped to them.
  7. Please enter the contest using your real email id as you will be notified in case of winning on that email id. Please double check it to make sure, there are no spelling mistakes.
  8. If there is no response from the winner within three days – the next one will be announced.


  1. As the name suggests, this is a portrait contest and the photograph submitted will have to be a portrait.
  2. The subject of the portrait should be Indian OR the portrait should have been shot in India.
  3. The photograph should not have any watermarks on them.
  4. The photograph should mention the camera make, model and lens used as well as the location of the where the photograph was taken. Adding the settings is optional but preferred.
  5. Images taken by mobile phones are allowed.
  6. Photoshopped images are allowed.
  7. Images can be in colour or black and white.
  8. If you are one of the shortlisted candidates, you might be asked to submit the original, unedited photograph taken in camera for verification purpose.
  9. The photograph being published in the gallery does not mean that you are eligible to win – so please read the rules carefully.


  1. There is a monthly prize each month leading to the Grand Prize which will be declared on the 25th of December, 2017.
  2. Prize No. 1 : Nikon or Canon 50mm/1.8 lens. Winner will be decided on the 5th of September 2017. Last date of submission for this prize will be 1st of September.
  3. Prize No. 2: Nikon or Canon 85mm/1.8 lens. Winner will be decided on the 5th of October, 2017. Last date of submission for this prize will be 1st of October.
  4. Prize No. 3: Nikon SB 5000 or Canon Speedlite 600 EX II. Winner will be decided on the 5th of November, 2017. Last date of submission for this prize will be 1st of November.
  5. All the monthly prizes will be given out the same month as they are announced – you won't have to wait till December. This year Christmas will come early for some.
  6. The Grand Prize is a single Nikon D750 or Nikon D500 or Sony A6500 or Canon 6D Mark II or Panasonic GH5. This prize will be awarded to one person only. The Grand Prize which will be declared on the 25th of December, 2017 and the last date for submission for the Grand Prize will be the 20th of December, 2017.
  7. As we move towards the Grand Prize and we manage to convince other camera accessory makers to join in, we will add those to the Grand Prize.
  8. In addition to this there will be a bonus prize to one of the entrants which will be announced along with the Grand Prize.
  9. You can see the gallery of all the uploaded photographs here:
  10. Since the photographs submitted to this contest are moderated, it might take a while for your photographs to appear in the gallery.
  11. Have fun and don't forget to vote for other photographs as well.

The Great Indian Portrait Contest 2017 | GMax Studios

You can see the gallery of all the uploaded photographs here:


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