CES 2019 - Highlights and things to watch out for

CES 2019 is a wrap folks. The show that brought us a week long of excitement and gadget goodness will return after a year.

Here were some of our favorite camera products that were showcased at CES 2019.

Nikon Z Series 14-30MM f/4.0 Lens

Source: Nikon Global

Source: Nikon Global

Nikon introduced the new Nikorr Z series 14-30 F/4 S ultra wide zoom lens on the first day at CES 2019. The NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S is an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens that covers a 14 mm to 30 mm range of focal lengths with a constant maximum aperture of f/4 throughout the range. According to Nikon, the lens is part of the S-Line, a newly designated grade of NIKKOR Z lenses that adhere to a new benchmark in optical performance, creating new definitions of design principles and quality control.

Nikon Firmware Upgrade

Nikon has announced a firmware update that will enable raw video output to an external recorder, Eye AF and CF Express card compatibility.  Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras, the Z6 and Z7 will be more than capable of outputting a RAW signal to the Atomos Ninja V.

With this new firmware update Nikon intends to announce its long awaited Eye auto-focus feature in their mirrorless cameras like the Z6 and the Z7. The Eye AF is a very good helping-hand when it comes to taking pictures such as portraits, event or street photography scenario. According to Nikon, the technology/feature is in its last and final implementation phase. In the demonstration video below, you can see it acquires the eye as fast as a Sony/Fujifilm has been able to do with their mirrorless technology.

Source: Nikon Europe YouTube Channel

Nikon has also announced that their new mirrorless cameras will be compatible with the new CF express cards after the firmware update. These cards use the same form-factors as the XQD cards which are the only data transfer interface used in the Z6 and Z7.

Source: ProGrade Digital Website

DJI Smart Controller

Source: ProGrade Digital Website

Source: ProGrade Digital Website

Source: DJI Global

Source: DJI Global

DJI has introduced a smart controller for some of the drones it makes. By some we mean the latest drones like the Mavic 2 Zoom and the Mavic 2 Pro. DJI Smart Controller comes with a built-in microphone and speaker for “expanded options” such as live streaming. It can also playback video through the HDMI output port at 4K with H.264 or H.265. Of course, wi-fi is required for live streaming.

Source: DJI YouTube Channel

Sharp Micro Four Thirds 8K Camera

Sharp  8K  Pocket Camera

Sharp 8K Pocket Camera

Sharp introduced a prototype 8K Micro Four Thirds pocket camera. The camera is more than just a concept and it will be officially announced this year. In a lot of ways, the camera looks quite similar in design to a 4K Black Magic Pocket Camera.
According to Sharp, the camera will record 8K (7680×4320) at up to 30fps using H.265 compression. Sharp also claims that they are working on giving the camera the ability to record 8K 60p. The camera looks to be very minimalistic in its design, with very few physical buttons or dials. It has an SD card slot and we believe it to be UHS II type, as per the requirement of the footage.
Sharp claims it to be the ideal Vlogger/YouTuber camera because of its 5 inch flip-out touchscreen. Sharp has incorporated a very large screen because getting critical focus when shooting in 8K is not an easy task.

Nikon Z6 Filmmaker’s Kit

Source: Nikon Global

Source: Nikon Global

For users who are looking to take full advantage of the Nikon Z 6’s industry-leading video capabilities, this powerfully cinematic camera is now available as part of a new Filmmaker’s Kit. The bundle includes a range of equipment that helps users unlock the Z 6’s advanced video features and powerful potential.

Here’s everything included in the filmmaker’s kit:

  • NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens

  • Mount Adapter FTZ

  • Atomos Ninja V 4K HDR 5” Monitor Recorder

  • Rode VideoMic Pro Plus

  • MOZA Air 2 3-Axis Hand-Held Gimbal Stabilizer

  • Additional EN-EL15b battery

  • Coiled HDMI cable

  • 12-month Vimeo Pro membership

  • Complimentary Nikon School Online class

Lexar 1 Terabyte SD Card

Source: Lexar Global

Source: Lexar Global

Lexar announced a 1 TB 1TB 633x SDXC™ UHS-I card to end your sorrow.

The main features are:

  • Leverages Class 10 UHS-I (U3, V30) technology for a read transfer speed up to 95MB/s (633x)*

  • Capture high quality images and extended lengths of stunning 1080p full-HD, 3D, and 4K video**

  • Enjoy shooting longer without changing cards with this high-capacity 1TB memory card

  • High-speed file transfer from card to computer to dramatically accelerate workflow

Kodak Smile Camera

Source: Kodak Global

Source: Kodak Global

Kodak has announced a new Instant Camera range which offers you the choice of a real print out or a digital copy of your image. In all, two cameras have been revealed: the 16-megapixel Kodak Smile Classic and the Kodak Smile, which offers up an LCD screen, a 10-megapixel digital camera, and microSD card slot.

 Ista360 TITAN

Source: Insta360 Global

Source: Insta360 Global

Launched at CES 2019, the Titan produces 10,560 x 5,280 video and stills. Not only that, it can capture both in 2D (monoscopic) and 3D (stereoscopic) formats.

Ordinary 360 cameras use a two small smartphone-size sensors back to back, with a 180+ degree fisheye lens over each, then stitch the two hemispherical images into a single 360 degree image in-camera in real time. The Titan uses the same advanced FlowState image stabilisation system used in its Insta360 One X model.

So those were the best highlights of CES 2019 that caught our eye.

What do you think we missed? Comment down below.