Learn photography in an hour (Well... Almost!) Sometime back I started, a YouTube channel for people who wanted to learn photography. The reason behind this was an extremely disappointing experience at a Nikon seminar. One of the top photographers in the country was a guest speaker there. I am a NPS member and Nikon had [...]

Now you can download GMax Studios apps for iPhone and Android. While you have been looking to learn photography, we have been looking at ways to be in touch with all the wonderful photographers who are a part of our community and engaging with them while giving them easy access to our content. So, we [...]

Wildlife photography as art For most people making a living off photography is a dream and quite a few people keep chasing their dream and shooting all kinds of photographs without relooking at the philosophy behind their photographs. Yes. Learning photography is just not enough - there is a philosophy that needs to shine through [...]

How to shoot in program mode? The question that is more likely be asked is  - why shoot in program mode? What is the big deal? The P mode is for beginners, right? Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Program or P mode is a very powerful mode that can really make the difference [...]

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