Ilford Global Film Survey Results 2018

Ilford photo reached out to the film photography community in 2018 to take part in their film users survey. The survey was last conducted in 2014 had 2100 participants . This time it had a whopping 6,800 participants from 100 countries from around the world.

Ilford photo says that they have already put the findings to good use and launched the SIMPLICITY  range of film processing sachets as a direct response to the growing trend for home film processing.

The resurgence and growth of film over the past 5 years, has seen 57% of our responders returning to or trying the medium for the first time. When breaking down the demographics, 37.1% of those under 44 were completely new to film with 27.1% returning after an absence. In the 45 and over range, only 3.6% were new to film, 41.9% were returning while 54.5% considered themselves as having always shot film.

As the above graphic shows, the results are quite interesting with 75.9% of the responders saying that they shoot on film for “the asthetics”. What do you think? Take a look at the survey here.