Camera Canopy, An Umbrella For Your Camera | Now Shoot In The Rain Without The Pain

There’s good news for togs who love to shoot in the rain. There’s a device called camera canopy that puts a protective roof (canopy) over your camera and it uses the hot shoe for mounting.

Togs have been battling the rain ever since camera was invented, and we now have something that doesn’t seem so difficult to set up. Although the design looks a bit ridiculous, it offers much needed safety from the elements.

Camera Canopy seems decently built, and the material looks pretty study too, The roof extends to accommodate lenses with focal lengths upto 500mm by sliding right out. It’s made in the USA and will incur shipping costs if you live in another country, but it’s a one time investment/solution for 80 USD, which comes up to around 5700 Indian rupees.

The second roof extends to support lenses up to 500mm

The second roof extends to support lenses up to 500mm

In the video below, you can see how the device works. We for one, would be happy to use this because Mumbai rains are a pain to deal with. The only thing we are worried about is if it would fly off in the wind or not, but for the most part it looks like a decent solution.

You can one for 80$ from the company’s website here

Would you be willing to buy this or do you think there are better and cheaper options available? Let us know in the comments below.

(Via Petapixel via Digital Camera World via Camera Canopy)