Joseph Radhik | Photographing The Perfect Wedding | Why you need to attend PEPx Photocon Mumbai | What’s In My Camera Bag?

At GMax Studios, we remain busy putting together photography and film-making tutorials for our loyal YouTube subscribers during the week. Our schedules allow us a little more than lunch now and then. But when a guy like Joseph Radhik stops by for a chat, we put stuff on hold indefinitely. Not because we’re suckers for star power, but because we never miss an opportunity to learn from the best.

The boys and their toys: Joseph Radhik and Gorky M.

The boys and their toys: Joseph Radhik and Gorky M.

For those who don’t know Joseph Radhik: he owns and runs Stories By Joseph Radhik - an award winning team of photographers that create stories of love, laughter and happily ever after. In short, they’re super-cool wedding photographers who’ve been featured in celebrated magazines like Vogue, Grazia, Harper's, People Magazine and many more. That’s not exactly short; but in our defense, it’s not easy putting down his resume in a paragraph.

Oh, and did you know that he photographed, quite possibly, the wedding of the decade? That’s right. He photographed Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding.

That statement alone is enough to end any other workplace chit-chats you got going on. We met Joseph at a photography event last year, and a get-together at the studios was on the cards since then. When it finally happened, he spent an entire day talking to us about PEPx Photocon, what gets him going and what gear he uses when he’s out photographing.

Joseph’s mantra is simple. “Keep it simple, stupid.” While he certainly knows what he’s talking about, he doesn’t like getting too technical about camera settings and gear. “At the end of the day, it’s about telling a story through the medium you have.” We couldn’t agree more.

Joseph is also one of the most humble guys out there. “I’m never too busy to shoot group photographs at a wedding” he says. For a guy who is booked all year around, what Joseph carries in his camera bag will surprise you. Check out what's in Joseph Radhik's camera bag, in this video, where he talks to Gorky M. 

Joseph also spoke in detail about a massive photography event he’s put together. It’s called PEPx Photocon(think TEDx for Photographers), a three day expo and photo fair that brings together great talent and brands together. PEPx is the first of its kind in India. It’s designed for the beginner, the enthusiast, the hobbyist, the not-professional, the student, and the lover of photography. The line-up itself will make you ditch whatever you’ve got going on and rush to Nehru Center, Mumbai.

You’ve got cultural documentary photographer Ira Block who’s produced over 30 stories for the National Geographic Magazine and led National Geographic Photo Workshops, Expeditions and private workshops across the world, Russian Portrait and Conceptual photographer, Natalia Arantseva, Dutch portrait/fashion photographer Brendan De Clercq to name a few.

There are also plenty of award-winning and deeply admired Indian photographers speaking at the event. You have the likes of Rafique Sayed, Dheeraj Paul, Diinesh Kumble, Umesh Gogna, Harsheen Jammu, Shiresh Karrale, Yuwraj Gurjar, Shiresh Karrale, Photriya Venky, Anup J Kat, Ankita Asthana, Sid Sharma and Auditya Venkatesh.

Sapan Verma is taking over mic duties with his stand-up act, and you have the man himself - Joseph Radhik.

It’s 1499 rupees for 3 days of some the most immersive and inspirational experiences you can have as a photographer. You can book tickets for it here.

Editor: Rishabh Udgata