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Learn photography in an hour (Well... Almost!)

Sometime back I started, a YouTube channel for people who wanted to learn photography. The reason behind this was an extremely disappointing experience at a Nikon seminar. One of the top photographers in the country was a guest speaker there.

I am a NPS member and Nikon had been inviting me for a few of these regularly.

The guest speaker, of course, narrated his entire life story and experiences which were quite enthralling but then came the Question and Answers session.

The speaker just kept dodging all questions relating to his technique as if he was too afraid to give out his secrets. Now there were people of all age groups and all levels there who wanted to learn photography from this "master" but he was just not willing to answer the questions that mattered.

Now, I have done workshops with some of the best names in photography internationally like Joe Mcnally, Gregory Heisler and Joel Grimes and here is the thing about them - they are all so open with with what they know and go to great lengths to impart the knowledge they have.

I was quite angry about the secretive ways of the esteemed photographer. During the break, I walked over to one of the attendees and told him to look up learning photography lessons on the internet. He replied, "My English is not good!"

That is the exact moment I decided to start a YouTube channel which would help people learn photography.  I also decided that it would be both in Hindi and English.

This was the beginning of GMAX STUDIOS.

learn photography

learn photography


So, over the years I have shot and uploaded photography tutorials to the YouTube channel. These will help you understand the basics of photography.

I have deliberately started at what I call Level Zero - which is photography for beginners. By beginners, I mean absolute beginners who have just bought their first camera. Over time, I hope, these will evolve to cater to advanced photography level as well. I also hope to cover videography and film making over time.

I sincerely believe that this is more than enough to get you started.I also believe that there is no need to spend money on expensive photography courses which teach you bugger all. Remember, it will not turn you into a photographer in an hour. For that, you have to practice what you have learnt and then practice some more. These tutorials are not camera brand specific (Nikon, Canon, Sony or Fuji) but broadly related to the basics of photography.

I have tried to organise my disorganised mind into giving some form of structured content. I have tried breaking it into  sequential parts and named the videos Episode 1, Episode 2 etc.

If you are having trouble navigating the website, you can go to THE ULTIMATE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO PHOTOGRAPHYwhere all the basics of photography are covered in a sequence, like you would expect from a book.

Here is the playlist from the YouTube channel if you are not interested in reading and watching photography tutorials is more of your thing. This playlist is about an hour long and hence the title of the post. So grab some coffee or wine and hit play.

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Despair not. I am trying to replicate all the articles on this website so that people interested in photography in Hindi can go there. The website for Hindi photography is: https://gmaxstudios.com/hindi-photography-lessons/ The website is both in phonetic Hindi and Devnagri script.

As with the English website, you can search for articles related to photography. You can read about learning photography in sequential form by going here.

If you are not keen to read you can watch the Hindi photography playlist on our YouTube channel here:

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