Project 52 | Week 1 | 2nd March, 2017

We announced a GMax Studios Project 52 a few days ago. So here goes the theme for Week 1.

Cosmetics and Perfumes

Project 52 Week 1 Cosmetics and Perfumes
Project 52 Week 1 Cosmetics and Perfumes

The idea is to find things readily available around you or possibly buy something new - gear and lenses are not all that you should spend on.

The idea is also to look at the things surrounding you in a new light - observe what you have around you.

Observe where the best light is and where you could place your subject and model. What time of the day or night is best to shoot it.

Here are some useful pointers:

  • Select something that you like.
  • Clean it up well.
  • Put it in a setting you like OR get someone to use it - the photograph can definitely have a human element to it.
  • Interpret the theme "Cosmetics and Perfumes" the way you like.
  • Think about the theme.
  • Plan your shot well.
  • Be aware of the light - how light falls on your subject or object.
  • Take the shot.
  • Bottles look great if light is hitting them from the back. It helps bring out the colour.
  • If you are planning to spray perfume and shoot it - the spray will be more visible if it is lit from the back. Also, remember to protect your camera

Upload the photograph to your Instagram account and hashtag it with #gmaxstudiosproject52 (double check the spellings of the hashtag) OR upload it to our Project 52 category in the Google+ community with the same hashtag.

Each photograph has to be accompanied with the settings used to take the photograph, so that it can help other members. This should include:

THEME – Week Number (which will be different every week) Camera modelLensISOShutter speed and aperture

You have a week. Think, plan and shoot. Re shoot if you don't like the shot or if you feel you can do better. Don't forget to have fun!

You can ask questions, if you have any, by going here.

GMax Studios YouTube channel
GMax Studios YouTube channel