Using Black Rapid Camera Strap with Arca Swiss plate

The problem

Using Black Rapid Strap with Arca Swiss plate.

If you are a fan of Black Rapid  camera straps like me and use an Arca Swiss compatible ball head as well - then you might think that you have a problem. I really wanted to use the Black Rapid strap with my Arca Swiss plate without going though the trouble of removing the plate each time. I never though it would be possibleAt least, until I came across the Acratech Swift Clamp, which lets me use both together.

using the black rapid strap with arca swiss plate


The solution

It is a beautifully crafted clamp that lets you use your Black Rapid  camera strap with any Arca Swiss compatible ball head without changing the plate. The link being the Arca Swiss camera plate that fits on both.

using the black rapid strap with arca swiss plate

So I can use my Black Rapid strap with my Arcatech ball head as well. It was making me very uneasy to think that I would have to give up using either one of them because changing the camera base plate in the middle of a shoot just does not make sense.

The Acratech Swift Clamp is so wonderfully crafted that one almost does not feel like using it. It is true craftsmanship but it comes with a price and I mean literally. At about 150 USD it is not a cheap buy but I am very happy with my purchase.

The Acratech swift clamp


Following is a short video to demonstrate how both of them work together. I hope to put up a video of it in the field pretty soon. Take a look.

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