Shoot what it feels like

Don’ shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.

- David Alan Harvey

Easier said than done and it comes with one caveat - on a commercial shoot shoot (read fashion) no one gives a rat’s ass about what it feels like. Everyone wants it the way it looks or even better! God forbid if we managed to shoot what it feels like - it will be a dark, dark photograph! The talent is pissed, the creative director is about to have a coronary and the photographer is on the verge of breaking into tears - but I digress!

Trying to shoot what it feels like is what we were talking about.

Most of us shoot photographs to create a memory - a lover in bed, a happy child, a longing, the softness of the sun, the reason behind that unfinished glass of wine…


This is what will stay with us.

Even your best friends will not scroll five years down your Instagram feed and accept it - even you don’t love yourself that much! Don’t shoot to share. Shoot for yourself.

Shoot what it feels like so that it will stay with you.

More on this in the next post.