Atomos Announces Raw Video Recording With Ninja V and Nikon Z7 and Z6

Just when we thought that the dust had settled on the flurry of announcements that 2018 brought, Atomos has announced that it will enable raw video recording for the Nikon Mirrorless Z7 and Nikon Z6 cameras with Atomos Ninja V. 

RAW_video_Atomos_Ninja_V_Nikon_Atomos_Ninja_V_RAW_video_Nikon (2).jpg
Photographers have long known about the benefits of RAW for stills, now Nikon Z series users will be able to get the same power of RAW in video. Capturing Apple ProRes RAW video with the Ninja V unlocks complete control of the video image at the highest quality possible. The maximum dynamic range, color accuracy and detail is preserved, while at the same time every aspect of the video image can be controlled with precision for maximum creativity. Colors can be easily matched and the extra information means footage can be easily be manipulated in post-production, which is especially useful for grading and VFX shots. – read more about ProRes RAW. 
2019 is all about taking content creation to the next level. Video makers everywhere are looking to add that elusive cinematic quality to their work, whether that be on social media, YouTube or on TV. To answer those needs, Atomos today unveils the next revolution in digital imaging - RAW video output and capture from Nikon’s full frame mirrorless cameras. The Nikon Z 7 and Z 6 full-frame mirrorless cameras will work together with the Atomos Ninja V 4K HDR monitor/recorder to record Apple’s ProRes RAW video format.
— Atomos Global

As per Atomos, the 4K data input from the Nikon Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras in the Ninja V is transformed into Apple’s ProRes format once recorded via a detachable SSD drive. When the SSD drive is connected to a computer, the footage is then decrypted for editing that gives you the highest quality control. ProRes is also able to keep the RAW data from the cameras into smaller, more manageable file sizes that makes them easier to transfer; having them on a universal format also makes them future proof.

Much more is said to be revealed at CES 2019 in Vegas, but it appears that Atomos is able to achieve this by a “Closed-loop protocol” which essentially means that the ProRes rearranges the pixels from the output of these cameras into a more practical, less-heavy solution for RAW footage. And by using ProRes as the standard, it gives more camera companies to work with RAW because everybody can make use of ProRes RAW without having their processing details handed over.



Atomos also mentioned on their Instagram that Atomos and Nikon will be unveiling a ‘filmmaker’s kit’ for video creators; the Nikon Z6 being at the center of that kit; along with the Atomos Ninja V and some accessories necessary for professional video shooting and photography. There’s much more to come from CES 2019, but this seems like a great start to the new year.